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Real Estate in Mallorca: Sell your house with us!

Posted by AM Properties on October 31, 2016


inmobiliaria en mallorca

Sell your property with a Real Estate in Mallorca

The reasons for which we decide to sell our property are as complex as the properties themselves. It’s normally not an easy decision, as our house has been our home during many years, creating an important emotional value to us. And then, the long and complicated process of buying and selling is expecting us.


As a Real Estate in Mallorca we know your worries

Before putting our property for sale, we ask ourselves a lot of questions: Where will I advertise it? How is the market? Will I have to do any renovations, which will they be? Which procedures will be necessary? And of course, most importantly; What price can I get for my property?

To find the answers to all these questions, we recommend you going to a Real Estate, as they are the experts in the sector. If you’re still doubting, here we explain you all the advantages of selling your property through a Real Estate in Mallorca.


A Real Estate is at your side before the sale of your property

One of the most important steps on the sale of a property is the preparation. Thanks to the experience and experts in different fields of a Real Estate, they can tell you the real value of your property. They also know the prices and “real” conditions of other properties in the region and not only the ones shown in public. During the “pre-sale” phase, the Real Estate also advises you about the level of renovations needed, presentation (for example, with professional photos) and choosing the appropriate channels to ease the sale process.


With a Real Estate in Mallorca your guaranteed a great experience in the sector

You can only be sure of having the best warranties and conditions in a sale, with the help of a Real Estate. In a Real Estate, they have experts working there who help you and advise you on all the legal and tax process, making it understandable and transparent. They know the best way to expose your property so that it reaches a wide and appropriate audience. All of this, means that you won’t have to worry about all the paper work as they will do it for you. Because thanks to their expertise and connections with other professionals who will be necessary to proceed with the sale, the procedure will be much quicker.


A Real Estate in the one that best knows the island of Mallorca

Mallorca is a very attractive place to live in and buy a property, this is the reason that the competition in the real estate sector has grown so much these past few years. A part from this, there is a lot of national and international movement, therefor the market changes daily. At AM Properties, we are a firm that performs regular analyses to make sure we are updated with the market and its evolution. Therefore, we can offer a selection of the best properties on the island guaranteeing you to find the perfect owner for your property.


Your Real Estate in Mallorca ensures you a carefree sale

As you have already read, there’s a few reasons why you should contract a Real Estate to sell your property. They will worry about all the procedures, they guarantee transparency and they also work as a filter, meaning that only a selected group of potential buyers will visit your property. Therefore, us at AM Properties as a Real Estate in Mallorca guarantee you less stress and more privacy.


If you have or want to sell a property o wish for more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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